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As English idiomatic expression, to ‘stand in the gap’ means to serve as an intermediary or bridge a ...

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Bound Together

The majestic flight of the eagle is something to behold....

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“Get into Formation!” An order typically used in situations where individuals are required to come t...

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What's On Your Shopping List?

From simple day-to-day items like groceries and provisions to fashion items, electronics, and gadgets, pe...

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It’s a well-known fact that a soldier never fights for himself. He belongs to and functions under the m...

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Right from the first cry of a newborn infant entering into the world, each new day presents itself as a l...

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Have you ever seen an entrapped bird or small land creature and felt sorry for it? If the circumstances p...

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It’s that time of the Year again; lights, decorations, music, and festive gatherings in small and ...

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Wisdom Is Talking, Are YOU Listening?

We live in a world with so many opinionated voices. As a minister of God, it matters who you are listeni...

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Dating back thousands of years ago, love letters have been one of the simplest means of expressing deep c...

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Life is full of mysteries and secrets about the world, time, and humanity. These are things that baffle h...

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Not a One-Time Thing

“It’s not enough to have received the Holy Spirit. You must be full of Him.” - -Rev (D...

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Founders Courses

As a founder, there are expectations and responsibilities assigned to you. The courses set out for you in this programme will help you achieve that set goals and objectives.

Ministers Courses

Not a Founder? We have the perfect collections of courses just for you to build your church/parish with the right teachings and mentorship of the Holy Spirit.

Let us inform you about everything important directly.

That way, you won't have to miss out on any educative and empowering course in the future.