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It’s that time of the Year again; lights, decorations, music, and festive gatherings in small and large spaces and at different scales. In some places, there’s often so much going on, that people get caught up in the euphoria of the moment and miss the real essence of the season.

At this time of the Year, it is very important to take some time to reflect and identify the things that you are truly thankful to the Lord for. The Bible tells us 1 Thessalonians 5:18, “In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” Thanksgiving is the way God expects us to live as His children.

Now, the word “Thanksgiving” means “the act of giving thanks for something that you are grateful for.” It is the “grateful acknowledgement of benefits or favour, especially to God”. In other words, there is definiteness in thanksgiving. There must be something specific that you are thankful for. True thanksgiving is not vague and does not exist in a vacuum.

This is the Month of Thanksgiving! Take out time this season, and pen down the things that you are grateful to the Lord for, and as the songwriter puts it, “You’ll be amazed at what the Lord has done!” This simple action will not only fill you with awe, it will enrich your thanksgiving and cause you to experience the full blessings of thanksgiving. (Luke 17:15 - 19) Thanksgiving brings Wholeness, Joy, and Multiplied blessings!

This Month of Thanksgiving, we invite you to participate in our bouquet of special programs, and fill your month with true thanksgiving!

Please CLICK HERE to participate in the 31st Night New Year’s Eve Service with Pastor Chris - Sunday, 31st December, 2023.

You can also CLICK HERE to Sponsor the live translation of the 31st Night New Year’s Eve Service with Pastor Chris into various Languages.

For more information and details, please call +2348100823321, +2348100910954, +447514300785 or send an email to info@christembassy-ism.org or a direct message on KingChat to @ismresponsecentre

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