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Have you ever seen an entrapped bird or small land creature and felt sorry for it? If the circumstances permitted you to free it from its entrapment, then you would most likely recall the contentment you got from seeing it scurrying away or taking off in flight. Even amongst animals, freedom is cherished.


Despite the Lord’s master plan for man to dominate and subdue his world, man has constantly found himself (as an individual, a nation, or even a generation) being subject to different types of bondages and impediments, which have hindered him from exploring his full potential. 

But thanks be unto God for His redemptive plan through Jesus Christ and especially for this year 2024, declared by Our Man of God to be the Year of Redemption. Hallelujah!

The word ‘Redemption’ is loaded with meaning. Firstly it means to deliver from sin and its consequences by a means of a sacrifice offered for the sinner. This, our Lord Jesus already did through His death on the cross as a means to achieve man’s ultimate and eternal salvation. Consequentially, we have a responsibility to reclaim the lost souls in this world that He paid for by His death, through our prayers of intercession and increased soul-winning efforts

Redemption could also be understood to mean; turning in vouchers or coupons for actual value. This year we can expect to cash in the promises of God for real value. It's a beautiful year of redeeming all that belongs to you in Christ Jesus that you had lost or never claimed – time, money, relevance, authority, or even your freedom.

Furthermore, Redemption refers to release from debt or bondage. And in the event that such a release is not forthcoming from whoever was supposed to grant it, redemption then means to extricate oneself from something detrimental. You can extricate yourself from relationships, contracts, and treaties that are ungodly. It does not matter how you found yourself in such detrimental situations or agreements, you can be bold and come out of them regardless of whatever vows were made.

You can disentangle yourself using the all-powerful name of Jesus Christ. Even nations will be able to come out of agreements that are detrimental to their citizens. Glory to God!

So, every day of this year, boldly declare that the power of redemption is at work in you and look forward to sudden changes in both your state and estate in Christ


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